Bertrand Gruss International

International Dance Council CID

Librarie de l’ame B.G. Academy

Silver Music Radio France

Unesco Education & Culture



Artistic Direction: Mr Diego Bragonzi Bignami (Grammy Awards 2007 USA, member CID UNESCO)

Didactic Direction : Ms Maria Silvestrini

Human Resources Management : Mr L.Cat

Pedagogical Direction : Ms Silvia Bragonzi

Image Manager: Ms Maticheff

Image Manager (Italy) : Ms Roberta Topino

Marketing: Ms Sabrina Antoniazzi

Management and Entertainment: Mr Francesco Mastromauro

Bertrand GRuss Art Direction : Mr Marco Marinacci

Direction Bertrand GRuss Food and Wine: Diego, Maria, and Mr Giovanni Giampiero Silvestrini

Play direction: Mr Giannino

Graphics and design: Ms Lavinia Sofia Bettina

With the friendly participation of Mr. Michel Maurice

Partner: ALTEN

The Academy offers comprehensive artistic preparation through the teaching of three disciplines:

Piano Singing Theater

Each Student can choose a main specialty among the three offered and will follow the others as complementary disciplines

The courses include, among others, the teaching of the following subjects: harmony, composition, ensemble music, history of music, history of theater and performance, dramaturgy

The academy also offers:

The Soul Bookstore

The art of reception

Develop your charisma and creativity

Philosophical advice

The voice of emotion

Marketing Phenomemenology

A team of architects and the best Italian craftsmen to renovate your home, your work environment, your holiday space, at the disposal of your dreams

Only Italian culinary excellence and our Bertrand GRuss Wine to accompany your lunches, dinners, important events

Possibility of catering service

The Soul Library

Seven 30-minute meetings, to tell an expert, a phenomenologist, with which to start a course of care and cure.

The Soul Library is located at

3 Rue des Bons Enfants, 75001 PARIS

Metro Palais Royal Louvre Museum

There will be an App that we can download. The Soul Library is bilingual, 4 experts, two French and two Italians, will be there to welcome you An English language expert for the UK, India, Middle East, USA, and Oceania

Experts: Ms Silvia Bragonzi 

Mr Diego Bragonzi Bignami

Directed by: Ms Francine Alladaye and Mr Francesco Comelli